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These customers were promised shipping containers. Now they’re out thousands of dollars

A shipping container scam originating on Kijiji has already bilked Canadians of tens of thousands of dollars. Nova Scotia’s Spencer Osmond says that after he found an ad online for a shipping container at a competitive price, he decided to go ahead and purchase it after researching the name of the business online. But as it turned out, the fraudster was simply using the name of a legitimate, unrelated business. RCMP Sgt. Andrew Joyce says this kind of scam is not uncommon and has been around for quite some time — and while this one involves storage containers, the same scam occurs with pets, rental properties and other items people want to buy. 

“Using the addresses of legitimate businesses in other provinces is simply a layering technique used by a fraudster in an attempt to add legitimacy and concealment to their scam,” he said. Read more

Scammers are duping Canadians out of tens of thousands of dollars with the promise of new shipping containers — and they’re bringing down legitimate companies with them. Yvonne Colbert reports. 2:39

Air Canada’s still promoting trips down south, despite government advice to avoid all non-essential travel

Many of us could probably use a little bit of rest and relaxation right now, but health officials have urged the public that now is not the time for a tropical vacation. Experts say staying home can help save lives and stop the further spread of COVID-19. But that hasn’t stopped Air Canada from launching an advertising campaign encouraging Canadians to consider flying to vacation destinations such as Hawaii and the Caribbean, as long as the right hygiene protocols are enforced along the way. Read more

Amid the worsening COVID-19 pandemic, public health experts say travel should be kept to an absolute minimum. (Evan Mitsui/CBC)

Why Canada’s seniors need the coronavirus vaccine so urgently

The rising number of people testing positive for COVID-19 in Canada, coupled with the new threat from mutant variants, makes it more urgent to vaccinate our oldest and most vulnerable, experts say. More than 70 per cent of COVID-19 deaths in Canada have been among those aged 80 and older, according to an epidemiology update by the federal government. In Ontario, the province reported more than 2,700 pandemic-related deaths in long-term care homes as of Dec. 30. Read more

Meanwhile, south of the border, some Canadian snowbirds are already getting the vaccine. 

Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout has gotten off to a sluggish start, but there could be lessons to learn from countries such as Israel, which has vaccination clinics operating around the clock. 3:11

What else is going on?

Facebook extends Trump ban indefinitely and Shopify shuts sites in wake of U.S. Capitol chaos
Donald Trump won’t be allowed to post on the social media platforms for the remainder of his presidency

Toronto gynecologist to face disciplinary hearing with regulatory body over 6 complaints
Complaints of six patients were referred to discipline committee after investigation.

Global economy faces fears of a ‘lost decade’ as COVID-19 cases surge
Vaccine optimism has been tempered by anxiety over the impact of new variants.

This Revive candle has been recalled due to a fire and burn hazard
Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled product, cut all three wicks as short as possible, and then dispose of the candles in their household trash.

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